GB WhatsApp Pro MOD APK 2022 [Bugs Fixed]

GF Whatsapp mod 2022

Nowadays, many individuals join WhatsApp to transmit movies, images, audio, and other media. You may obtain the GB WhatsApp Pro MOD APK v6.40 download or install it on the smartphone if you wish to utilize WhatsApp with certain extra features.


The developers have updated the original WhatsApp to include duplicate functionality such as masking duplicate signing, changing themes, setting online status, using WhatsApp accounts, and much more. You may have more security, and you don’t have to spend money to utilize this GB WhatsApp Pro MOD APK latest version.


Send a video of 50 megabytes

This seems to be a capability that we’ve all been wishing for a long time. If you’ve ever tried to upload a video on WhatsApp, you’ve probably noticed that it won’t let you transmit anything more than 16 MB in the capacity as that’s the authorized app’s limit. You won’t have that problem here, though. This mod program allows you to share up to 50 MB of video with anybody you choose, which is fantastic!

Store of Themes

This mod includes a design store with a large number of stunning and outstanding themes. You may utilize any of the themes provided in the app.

Support for new themes, multi-accounts, or dialects

People become bored with the same basic theme, and yet no worries, on GB WhatsApp Pro MOD APK free download. You may try out other themes and see if your local language is supported.

New GB Whatsapp themes are now available.

Other GB WA members can utilize the themes you create and utilize. GB WhatsApp Pro MOD APK free download users have made some excellent themes that you can download for free. Dual/multiple WhatsApp accounts. GB WhatsApp Pro MOD APK free download now supports a number of new languages.


GB Whatsapp seems to be a modified version of WhatsApp. This is the most famous with over 1 million members worldwide. This program is famous because it includes an Internet video/audio chatting capability, as well as free instant messenger and links over a billion people globally. Communication has been much easier and more fun thanks to this patched apk file.
There are numerous modifications accessible on the Web, but this provides the finest support in terms of reputation and capabilities. Customers can effortlessly move from WhatsApp towards GBWhatsApp without compromising any of their conversations.

Future GB Whatsapp


This mod gave us a slew of new privacy features. To protect your security, you can select any of the above choices.

  • Blue Ticks Can Be Hiding
  • You Have the Option to Hide the Second Tick
  • Users Can hide blue Microphone
  • It’s Possible to Hide Typing
  • You Have the Option to Hide the Recording

Send 90 photos

You may have noticed that whenever we upload pictures with our colleagues or anybody via WhatsApp, we are restricted to selecting more than 30 images at a time. This is why WhatsApp only enables you to transmit 30 photographs at a time, which can be annoying at times. It enables you to exchange 90 photos at once, which is three times more than the app version. It’s one of those features that come in handy whenever we need to share a large number of photos.