Dazz Cam 1.4.5 APK for Android (Latest Version)Download

Dazz Cam 1.4.5 APK  for Android (Latest Version) Download

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Dazz Cam will help you capture every precious moment with an artistic and aesthetic look with depth. A variety of effects in different styles will instantly turn your photos into deep memories.


Introduce about Dazz Cam

Make every moment in your life preciously with Dazz Cam

Create your moments

It’s not difficult to find a good photo editing app on mobile but to get a photo that has depth, you need an app that is both sharp and emotional. One of the rare apps that can do this is Dazz Cam.

The unique strength of Dazz Cam does not come from the unique effects, but from the effects and layers of depth. Each photo through Dazz Cam’s available fine-tuning is not only beautiful but also very deep, seems to reach the point of understanding, and can tell a small story behind it.

By using the wide range of effects available in Dazz Cam, you can turn every photo into memory, make every moment in your life precious, and create countless memorable things. The depth in photos refined with Dazz Cam is not only deep by classic filter effects, but each of the filters in itself contains a rare sharpness and sentimentality. Just give it a try and you’ll understand the weird feeling I’m talking about.

Gradient Overlay

If you want your photos to be colorful, and hide their own unique nuances and blends, it’s time to try out the range of Gradient Overlay features in Dazz Cam. By creating color starting angles, mixing one color with another, and then applying it on top of an existing photo, you can create a strange photo with different tones. Each picture is a free creation, expressing your love of color and your ability to sense aesthetics.

Light Leak

Dazz Cam is also an app that is particularly interested in “light leak” effects. Like a ray of sunlight accidentally entering the frame through a small window, a glimmer of light emanating from the afternoon sun shining on your face softly, the Light Leak effect set available in Dazz Cam if used in the right place will create a whole new artistic aspect to the image.

Dust Texture

Add a little wind and dust to the picture, add a little sunshine and rain, and the snow flutters on the jet-black hair that falls in the wind. You can turn your photos into beautiful scenes as in the movie with just dust effects in Dazz Cam. With just one touch, your photo will become shimmering in completely new ways.

Glitch Effect

Speaking of photo effects with depth, it is indispensable for technological scratches like stepping out of a laggy screen frame due to software problems or insufficient resolution – the series of effects we often call is Glitch. These lag effects will make ordinary photos become fiction, vague, somewhat mysterious, and curious, and touch the viewer’s mind. If used right, these tricky Glitch effects can turn your photos into masterpieces.

Retro Filter and Film Filter

Currently, Dazz Cam has more than 50 Retro filters. The wide range of vintage effects available in Dazz Cam such as Disco, Miami, D3D, VHS, Glitch, Grain, Lomo, Cinema, and Snapshot will help you recreate the classic camera with unmistakable time effects. Deeply colored water, characteristic splashes of color, and tenderness mixed with the serenity of the past, all focus on the images, making each moment forever.

 Dazz Cam APK for Android


Once you are satisfied with the editing results in Dazz Cam, you can quickly export high-quality files to your phone or simply share them quickly on popular social networks. With Dazz Cam, you can turn any photo into a memorable moment.

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